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About Venture IQ

Empower your team with data-driven insights

Venture IQ empowers M&A, investment, and innovation teams with data-driven insights. With smart automation and human expertise, we can help you find, understand and close more deals, saving you time filtering through the noise. Venture IQ enables your team to focus on the deals that matter and confidently take action, knowing the context and complete market landscape.

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Discover and understand companies in any industry

Whether your team is looking for startups, SMEs, or established companies, Venture IQs team helps you find more companies in any geography or market. From tailored market landscapes, and target longlists to shortlists based on your criteria, Venture IQ is dedicated to providing proprietary insights that help your team take action and focus on the deals that matter.

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Add intelligence and automation with Catalist

One platform to find, understand, collaborate, and track companies. Catalist harnesses automation, AI, and data analysis to drive efficiency in lead generation, company screening, deal flow management, and collaboration. Capitalize on Catalist to gather and process more companies to find your perfect match.

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Criterium: target should use artificial intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence
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Catalist can help you find web based evidence for the most important datapoints

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We work with leading M&A, innovation and strategy teams from companies in every industry to drive meaningful engagements.