Growth & strategy

Market landscapes for strategy teams

Venture IQ can help identify strategic partners that match your criteria and understand market trends

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Build proprietary company databases with minimal effort
Get to know all companies in your target markets
Automate company screening to build your pipeline
Unrivaled insights, through powerful automation
Collaborate to share and retain knowledge
Data-driven insights for confident decision-making
Market Mapping

Proactively source partners in any market

As a corporate development team you are looking for companies with a strategic fit. Venture IQ can help proactively identify companies from all kinds of sources, automatically process thousands of potentially matching companies, and score them on aspects that are important to you. Never before you could process so many companies to filter out the ones that fit your requirements.

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Catalist can help you find web based evidence for the most important datapoints
Deal sourcing

Data-driven target selection

Looking for companies that just raised funding, grow rapidly, or work on specific solutions? Venture IQ can help your team with identifying targets for your sales team, based on high-value indicators. Empower your team with data-driven insights and target lists, so your team can focus on the deals that matter.

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Add intelligence and automation with Catalist

One platform to find, understand, collaborate, and track companies. Catalist harnesses automation, AI, and data analysis to drive efficiency in lead generation, company screening, deal flow management, and collaboration. Capitalize on Catalist to gather and process more companies to find your perfect match.

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Artificial Intelligence
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Machine Learning
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Catalist can help you find web based evidence for the most important datapoints

Customer Stories

We work with leading M&A, innovation and strategy teams from companies in every industry to drive meaningful engagements.