Outsource your initial outreach

We assist you in selecting companies that are worthwhile approaching and discreetly interview them to evaluate their interest.

Join 100+ industry leaders that work with Venture IQ

Build proprietary company databases with minimal effort
Get to know the story behind the company
Automate company screening to build your pipeline
Save time on cold outreach and only pay for successful interviews
Collaborate to share and retain knowledge
Stay under the radar while we interview companies for you

Let us explore the strategic fit of a company

Some companies make claims on their website before they can actually deliver them whilst other companies are behind in updating their website on the latest developments. With one interview we can give far more color on the strategic fit of a company and learn more outside of what is available in the public sphere.

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Catalist can help you find web based evidence for the most important datapoints

We interview companies, you stay under the radar

We can reach out to companies for you and get more information on their strategic fit with your company and their interest in a potential collaboration. This saves you the time of speaking with many companies (or getting approval to speak with them) that are not matching your requirements.

Only pay for successful interviews

Given that some companies do not wish to engage when contacted, we only charge for successfully undertaken interviews.

Customer Stories

We work with leading M&A, innovation and strategy teams from companies in every industry to drive meaningful engagements.