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Get all the support you need to run a successful investment process. Venture IQ’s venturing services can help you from lead identification to deal closure.

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Build proprietary company databases with minimal effort
Make sound equity  investments without the need for a large team
Automate company screening to build your pipeline
Data-driven insights for confident decision-making
Collaborate to share and retain knowledge
Tap into 40 years of venture capital and private equity experience

Make and manage sound equity investments

In niche markets with a limited number of innovative, high-growth companies, setting up an in-house investment team may not be feasible. However, when strategic opportunities arise, you would like to be able to make such an investment professionally. Venture IQ's venturing services help you gather all the information to ensure investments are made on the right terms and professionally managed whenever needed.

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Set up a professional investment decision process

With our venturing services, we assist in establishing a clear investment decision process. This ensures that the investment team knows what information to provide at each step, defining their mandate. Simultaneously, decision makers like the Board or investment committee can make well-informed decisions, offer feedback early on, and maintain control while enabling the investment team to act swiftly in a competitive market.

Tap into 40 years of investment experience

Venture IQ's founders, Alexander van Os and Koen van Engelen, both have 20 years of experience as private equity and venture capital investors. They have managed over 75 investments and advised several multinationals on setting up their VC team. Backed by a team of developers, consultants, and technology analysts, Venture IQ's venturing services accelerate innovation strategies, fulfilling your investment ambitions.

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