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Bespoke & Data-driven analyses to support you from lead identification to deal closure.

Market mapping

Defining the right priority areas for external development is an important step that requires gathering and analysing the right data. Not every team has the resources or the experience to do this as thoroughly as they would like to. Venture IQ can help your team get started by building an ecosystem map, defining priority market segments and generating example companies in each priority segment. For many teams, this is often a great first step in determining the strategic direction for business development and the type of partners you should approach.

Catalist can help you find web based evidence for the most important datapoints

Solution-based searching and competitive analysis

For teams that have a specific solution or target company in mind that want to be sure that they identify the most relevant companies. We help teams cut through the marketing and compare companies on core features to ultimately select companies that come closest to their ideal target. Searching for those companies is often difficult as the market segments you are looking for are highly specific but undefined in existing datasets. Our team is experienced systematically breaking down market segments and assessing companies based on your criteria. 

target selection

For M&A teams looking for target shortlists to execute buy-and-build strategies. Typically, in markets that are already established, we can offer a data-driven mapping of all market participants ranked on key KPIs. Either we hand-off to the M&A team directly, or take the analysis a level deeper and perform a competitive analysis on the top targets.

Catalist can help you find web based evidence for the most important datapoints
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Catalist can help you find web based evidence for the most important datapoints

Company deepdive

Obtain deeper insights through interview-based insights with selected companies. Venture IQ performs initial conversations on your behalf with management teams of targeted companies to obtain insights into the state of technology, commercial traction, an initial assessment of the management, as well as gauge their partnering & funding appetite. In case of mutual interest, such conversations can be used for a direct introduction and a first step towards engagement. A company deepdive usually flows naturally as a project extension after market mapping or target selection projects

Venture services

Our team of experienced VC investors can take on full VC investment mandates, from deal sourcing all the way to managing portfolio companies and running exit processes. Clients that would like to accelerate their innovation strategy and take equity stakes in high potential companies but do not yet have the required team to run a professional investment process can outsource those investment processes to Venture IQ.

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Deal origination
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