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Deal sourcing for proactive investors

Venture IQ can help you get the most out of your deal sourcing process. Proactively scout under-the-radar companies & keep your deal pipeline full.
Venture IQ consultants discussing a proactive deal sourcing project

Join 70+ industry leaders that work with Venture IQ

Build proprietary company databases with minimal effort
Get comprehensive target lists within weeks
Automate company screening to build your pipeline
100% tailored to your need
Collaborate to share and retain knowledge
Proven track record with 500+ successful projects

Proactively source deals all over the world

Whether you are looking for CVC, PE or M&A deals, Venture IQ can do targeted searches to identify targets within your scope. Our experienced team of consultants and powerful deal sourcing software can provide complete results within weeks.

Powered by our deal sourcing software Catalist we can find companies beyond conventional databases in any geography.

Catalist can help you find web based evidence for the most important datapoints

Receive complete market maps to benchmark targets

For teams that have a specific solution or target company in mind that want to be sure that they identify the most relevant companies. We help teams cut through the marketing and compare companies on core features to ultimately select companies that come closest to their ideal target. Searching for those companies is often difficult as the market segments you are looking for are highly specific but undefined in existing datasets. Our team is experienced systematically breaking down market segments and assessing companies based on your criteria. 

target selection

The best investment teams go beyond subjective decision making in their deal sourcing process. Venture IQs can provide rich data and help set the right criteria to get you from a long- to shortlist of targets.

By automating data enrichment with external sources in our software platform Catalist, we make sure you get up to date insights on FTE, Funding, Revenue and more.

Catalist can help you find web based evidence for the most important datapoints
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Shortlisted companies
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Catalist can help you find web based evidence for the most important datapoints

Target interviews and introducation

Obtain deeper insights through interview-based insights with selected companies. Venture IQ performs initial conversations on your behalf with management teams of targeted companies to obtain insights into the state of technology, commercial traction, an initial assessment of the management, as well as gauge their partnering & funding appetite. In case of mutual interest, such conversations can be used for a direct introduction and a first step towards engagement. A company deepdive usually flows naturally as a project extension after market mapping or target selection projects

Deal sourcing as a service

To get the most from proactive deal sourcing, you need to continuously challenge your team to stay on top of new companies and technologies. Venture IQ can be the natural extension of your investment team, so you can focus on the deals that matter. We support many of our clients on a continuous basis to create a constant flow of quality leads and proprietary market insights.

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Portfolio management

Customer Stories

We work with leading M&A, innovation and strategy teams from companies in every industry to drive meaningful engagements.

Learn more about working with us and how Catalist can improve the efficiency of your teams.
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