Accelerating Buy & Build Strategies in Fragmented Markets

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Alexander van Os
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Executing buy & build strategies is a well proven private equity value creation strategy. Being able to proactively move on targets or having them identified before buying the primary platform is extremely valuable. However, finding and assessing targets is hugely time-consuming, especially when searching in fragmented markets or where you are looking for specific capabilities or products. 

At Venture IQ, we have a background in venture capital & private equity and understand the power of efficiently building and screening large custom datasets. Most commercial company databases either have limited & dated information on companies, or don’t include the sectors you’re interested in. Being able to solve this issue is why Venture IQ is gaining significant traction with private equity and corporate M&A clients, who value our capability to quickly build and screen tailor-made company databases regardless of company size or location. 

Our platform Catalist is unique in automating all the labour-intensive steps of finding, enriching and making searchable customised company target lists. By using a target company’s own online data, Catalist bulk-screens company profiles using any keywords that are important to you, enabling extremely detailed searches and freeing clients from the limitations of predefined company databases. Our analysts (or your own if you’d like to do it yourself) provide the iteration and final screening to whittle down the longlist to a shortlist. 

Would you like to understand how Venture IQ can turbocharge your buy & build strategy with custom data? Or would you like us to train your analysts on our platform Catalist? Click here to schedule a demo and learn more.

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