Adjusting your supply chains in a deglobalising world

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Alexander van Os
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The CEO of a large consumer goods company recently told me that “the Russian invasion into Ukraine was not high in my 2022 risk matrix”. Where Covid disruptions to supply chains seemed temporary, geopolitical risks, ethical considerations and trade barriers have now skyrocketed up the agenda as companies reassess potential structural changes to their supply chains and end markets.

Having alternatives is always a good strategy. But in the current climate of deglobalization it is important to act proactively and develop strategies for scenarios and risks that were deemed edge cases only months ago. 

Developing insights in relevant alternative suppliers can be time consuming, especially in fragmented markets. Venture IQ has the automated data tooling and service teams to rapidly identify and assess potential partners, regardless geography, stage or industry. That’s why many corporate and financial customers rely on us to accelerate their market research. Let us provide you with the data you need to develop supply chain options.

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Article written by
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