5 companies that stood out at the European Food Venture Forum 2019

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Venture IQ was a proud sponsor of the European Food Venture Forum (#EVfood19) that was held on 4 and 5 September 2019. At the event more than 30 exciting Food startups presented themselves. In case you missed it, here are our top 5 companies* from the event.


Provider of genomic insights. Accelerates crop breeding processes by predicting phenotypes with machine learning techniques. The company claims it can shave off 3-5 years of the development period of a new crop.


Has developed a biological platform (based on lipopeptides) to fight ‘aquatic’ pests and diseases and which could replace chemicals that are currently used.


Has developed a water treatment process for ‘hard to treat’ waste waters,  streams containing high levels of oil and/or suspended solids. This technology can be used in heavy industries like oil & gas and the metal industry.


Offers natural colorants for food applications at low and stable prices. They use a fermentation process based on a fungal strain.


Has developed a germination process for soybeans that allows them to produce soybeans with higher nutrient levels. This allows food producers to produce healthier food without having to fortify the food (adding nutrients that need to be specified in the list of contents).

* These companies are not the same companies as the companies that were selected by the jury

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