New Catalist features: Github and Automated Lead Generation

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Koen van Engelen
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We have great news: we launched two new features that will help you find and structure your search to (early stage) companies even better!

Searching in Catalist: Github

We’ve added Github as a searchable source in Catalist so that you can find early stage software companies. Most of you will probably know Github as the market leading software repository used by nearly all developers. Making it searchable means that you can find companies as soon as they open an account, so long before they are picked up by databases like Crunchbase and Pitchbook. Catalist stores the website text of the companies we’ve identified which allows you to search on keywords in this unique early stage source! Check out the video below on how to search Github in Catalist:

Automated Lead Generation

It is now possible to create your own personalised lead generation collection that automatically updates each month. This way you make sure you don’t miss a lead without having to spend too much time on it. You can create a monthly feed based on tracking changes in the overall database within topics of your interest. Additionally, we can also track VC’s and Accelerators for you and automatically view changes in their portfolios (with additional sources coming up). The video below shows you how to do this:

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