New Catalist Features Launched: Auto-scoring, auto-tagging and more

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Over the past couple of months, we have been working hard on building power features that will let you search and process a higher volume of companies. Catalist now allows you to scrape companies from websites in bulk, scrape companies from Google search results pages, and auto-score large company collections on highly specific criteria. This is the stuff that will save your days of scouting work.


This feature allows you to screen the feed in a more systematic and efficient way. With Catalist you can assign points to specific words or clouds of words that are found on the website. 

Catalist will then filter your feed and companies scoring the highest will appear on top of the list. This way, you only spend time screening companies that probably have a higher relevance.

Check out the video on auto-scoring here:

Automated Google search

Scouting for companies or mapping market segments usually requires labor-intensive “googling”. On top of that, the newest companies usually do not yet show up in regular databases like Pitchbook or Crunchbase. With Catalist, it is now possible to extract companies from Google search queries and directly add them to your feed in Catalist. These sources are also updated monthly, so the newest companies are automatically added to your feed. Simply said: Catalist is doing the work for you!

Check out the video on how to use automated Google search here: 


Another (and according to some of us also the coolest) feature we have developed is auto-tagging. With auto-tagging, you can automatically assign tags (data points) to companies based on their website text or Catalist profile, saving you loads of time. Once you have auto-tagged your collection, you can then use a bunch of Catalist’s built-in tools to, for example, create graphs or heatmaps. 

Check out the different ways you can use auto-tagging here: 

New carousel 

We also gave the carousel a fresh new look. With the carousel, you can easily screen and assess lots of companies in your feed at high speed, without having to visit each separate website. Besides that, the newest version also allows you to comment, tag or review scores without having to leave the carousel view. 

Check out how to use the carousel in this video: 

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