Accelerating high-tech technology scouting

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Accelerating high-tech technology scouting

Accelerating high-tech technology scouting

Vanderlande is the global leader for future-proof logistic process automation at airports as well as leading supplier of process automation solutions for warehouses and the parcel market. Vanderlande’s high-tech baggage handling systems are capable of moving over 4 billion pieces of baggage per year and 52 million parcels are sorted by its systems every day. 

Vanderlande uses Catalist in the corporate development team as well as the technology scouting team. Both teams are responsible for identifying new technology companies that make a step-change difference to the solutions Vanderlande develops. To find the best solutions, catching a wide net and devising a strict process is essential, in which Catalist plays a central role. 

Swiftly building the Vanderlande database

Catalist allows Vanderlande to quickly build their own database. Using the Venture IQ Chrome plugin, users can directly add companies to Catalist from the company website, push them into the right collections and assign relevant tags. Additionally, the plugin automatically gathers company data to fill company profiles, saving the team valuable time. Using the workflow automation tooling in Catalist, Vanderlande has built up a database of over 600 companies that are structured and screened by the team with complete profiles, feedback history and assigned tasks and to-do’s, which in itself has become an important internal knowledge resource.

Collaborative rating

Once a company is added to Catalist, Vanderlande involves colleagues in the rating & assessment phase. In specific high-tech cases, expert input is required. Catalist allows expert users to log-in to Catalist and leave their comments on companies, without interfering with the data structure the Technology Scouting team has put in place. The team can easily notice experts to login to Catalist using e-mail notifications. In all, Catalist allows Vanderlande to engage in a scouting experience with minimal friction in the process and time spent on gathering data, so each team member can maximise focus on identifying and analysing new opportunities.

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