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Dana Blom
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Please, introduce yourself…

Hi! My name is Dana Blom, I live in Utrecht together with my sister, and studied Business Administration, Strategic Management at the VU in Amsterdam. I started working at Venture IQ two and a half years ago as Technology Consultant.

What do you do on a daily basis?

As a Technology Consultant, I am responsible for running scouting projects for our clients to help them make the best partnering and investment decisions. The projects differ greatly. Some clients have a very specific scope and are looking for companies that developed a particular technology or application and know they want to acquire or invest in a company beforehand. Other clients, however, are in a more exploratory phase and would like to map a much wider market space to understand and discover what is out there, and which subcategories are most interesting to them. A next step could then be to dig deeper into a subcategory. 

For these projects, I’m the project manager. I’m in contact with our clients to scope projects, discuss intermediary results and in the end present them a report that gives them a solid overview of the type of players, the quickest growers, the companies that raised the most funding, all different solutions and applications and much more. To get to this final result, I work with our team of analysts and support them in identifying and analysing companies. Together, we discuss and iterate our search strategy. I appreciate that all projects really are a team effort.

What do you love about your job?

It's kind of like where strategy, sustainability, and innovation meet, which to me is a great intersection. I’m quite a curious person, and within my role, I’m constantly learning about new technologies and companies and  for me that really never gets boring. It also has to do with diversity. I have clients in very different sectors: I work for clients in the energy, food, insurance and conservation space, to just name a few and it's very fast-paced as well: we can finish a project within 3 weeks. 

Lastly,  the fact that sustainability plays a large role in most of the projects we do for our clients is important to me personally. I think with many of our projects we really are contributing to a more climate-friendly world. 

How would you describe VIQ culture in words?

Entrepreneurial, non-hierarchical, fun.

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